Cities Served

Power Washing, Painting, and More for Hampton Roads Southside Homes and Businesses from Eco-Painting

The beautiful, temperate and bustling Hampton Roads region of Southeastern Virginia is the place Eco-Painting has chosen to call home for over 20 years. We’ve been painting, power washing and providing carpentry services to homes and area businesses for a long time, and we still love doing it today! Through sun, surf, the occasional sub-tropical rainstorm, and dry times we have helped properties to weather the powerful climatic forces that are unleashed by the mighty Atlantic Ocean on homes and buildings all along the Southside of Hampton Roads.

Although we’re not opposed to traveling outside of our beautiful vicinity to provide powerwashing services as well as interior and exterior painting expertise to our many customers, it’s really the southside cities in Hampton Roads — Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake and Portsmouth — that have become our main focus of property preservation and cleaning. And why not — with almost 2 million people living in the region and plenty of buildings and property needing our assistance, there’s a lot to do but we find time to do it …well!

Virginia Beach Power Washing and Painting Services

Nearly half a million residents and some 497 square miles of land make Virginia Beach the 39th most populated city in America. There are literally thousands of homes and small to medium-sized businesses in VB that can benefit from our environmentally friendly powerwashing service that removes years of grime and sun-baked dirt and smog from the outside walls, decks, porches, roofs and driveways of properties in Virginia Beach, and we’d love to service them all! Please take a look at our Powerwash and Painting Gallery page and see what we’ve done for homes and businesses – the next one could be yours!

Norfolk Painting and Powerwashing Expertise

At almost 250,000 residents, urban and urbane Norfolk isn’t as big as Virginia Beach but it sure packs a lot of charm and culture into its many streets and neighborhoods. Just as its many historic monuments and sites are protected against the elements to preserve their historic value, Eco-Painting & Powerwash can help to preserve the homes and businesses of Norfolk with our grime-busting powerwashing service and our interior and exterior painting expertise – which seals out wind and water damage and protects the surfaces of both businesses and homes. We’re here for you, Norfolk! Take a look at our many references and see for yourself!

Chesapeake Painting and Power Wash Professionals

Home of Centura College, Kee Business College, Everest Institute and several other schools of higher learning, Chesapeake ranks third in population size for Virginia cities and three is our magic number at Eco-Painting & Powerwash! We’ve done a lot of work in the Chesapeake area and the homes and businesses we’ve power washed or painted look better and will endure longer than those that are not maintained against the powerful forces of nature that are unleashed against Hampton Roads properties. Wouldn’t you like to preserve your home or business’s “street appeal” for your neighbors, your customers, and yourself? We think you should! You can
learn more about Eco-Painting & Powerwash here.

Interior/Exterior Painting and Power-Wash Services for Portsmouth

Portsmouth has the Naval Shipyard (even though they still call it “Norfolk” we all know it’s really located in Portsmouth!) and it’s big enough to dry dock an aircraft carrier. Portsmouth also has the painting and power-wash expertise of Eco-Painting on-hand for each and every home and business that needs it! Do you want to bring back the “new home” look of your older residence? Would you like your drives and parking lots at your business establishment to look clean and fresh and ready for business? Are there rooms in your property that could use the visual “lift” of professional paint coatings applied for protection and beautification? We can do all these services for you and more, and at prices that will more than surprise you. Give us a call today, Portsmouth. We feature free estimates and timely service that will make you smile when the job is done.

Contact us here to get started with the licensed, bonded, and insured painting and powerwashing professionals at Eco-Painting & Powerwash. You’ll be glad you did, and so will your property.